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Our trust was formed in June 2018, bringing together 2 schools. In April 2019 Teesville Primary joined us

Valley Road Community Primary, situated in Hendon Sunderland.  The school was a new building in 2002 as part of a regeneration project in the east end of Sunderland. The school serves a diverse community with families who have always lived in Hendon and families who find their way into the community around the world. Hendon retains a strong sense of community, unique identity and pride. There is a high proportion of families who qualify for free school meals. The school’s results on the point of conversion placed it consistently in the top 10% for progress in maths and writing and the top 20% for reading. Attainment in reading, writing and maths was above the national averages. Ofsted in February 2018 rated it good and potentially outstanding.

Highfield Community Primary, situated on the Ford Estate in Sunderland. Newly built in 2006 as an amalgamation of Pallion and Havelock Primary schools. Ford Estate has a strong identity, with many families remaining in the community for several generations. Like Valley Road the community identity is strong with a great sense of pride in their heritage. There is high proportion of families who qualify for free school meals. The school’s results on the point of conversion were low in comparison to national averages. 2019 saw a significant improvement in attainment and progress across the whole school

The school has experienced a recent period of significant turbulence. Ofsted rated it good in April 2013

Teesville Primary is an average sized school serving the communities of Teesville and its surrounding area in Redcar and Cleveland. The school has a reputation for caring for and nurturing its pupils. It was originally an Infants school and expanded to take in Key Stage pupils in 2012. With a new building, the new expanded primary school took up residence on the old Ravensworth Junior School site. Prior to conversion, in January 2019,  the school retained its good judgement from Ofsted. 



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