Valley Road Academy, Corporation Road, Hendon, Sunderland, SR2 8PL

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Valley Road Academy


Jill McDaid (Deputy Head): in a welcoming and caring environment, we provide a stimulating and engaging curriculum designed to ensure students are happy and they have every chance to reach the height of their full potential.


Jade Wilson (teacher): Even though I completed my ECT year last year, I know that support is always available from everyone in school.

Sister Youanna: This school is a special place!


Alex Sim (Y6): Valley Road just got even better: we achieved our silver Right’s Respecting Award, and the moderators were so impressed that they wish to show case our work through UNICEF.


Princess (REC): School is amazing! I love playing with my friends!


Micheal (Y3): Visiting Broome house Farm was amazing: it was my first time going to a farm. I loved the animals, especially seeing the woollen coat on the sheep.




Highfield Academy


Year 2 pupil - Our Castles work is exciting because we did some role play activities and we went to a real life castle.
Year 4 pupil - It's really good in Highfield because there are lots of kind children and teachers.
Year 6 pupil - Our lessons in Year 6 are amazing because you know you will always learn something new and interesting. I also love it when my work goes on the proud wall.

Staff quotes:

I feel like Highfield is a supportive environment for new members of staff.

Senior leaders are always looking for ways to help us reduce our workload.

Highfield is an enjoyable place to work that offers a supportive environment with each day being different. Helping to inspire the children of Highfield to grow and learn is a great privilege.

I really enjoy working at Highfield. I feel supported and a valued member of staff.

Highfield is a supportive, enjoyable place to work and we all work collectively as a team to inspire the children that we teach.

Teesville Academy

‘I feel part of a community’
‘The teachers plan exciting lessons and we enjoy learning new things everyday’
‘There are always adults ready to listen and help’
‘I love reading and there are lots of exciting books to choose from’

‘I enjoy coming to work every day and I wouldn’t want to leave Teesville’
‘Working collaboratively across the Trust is really beneficial – there is always someone to help and support’