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Want to know a little more....

We are currently a 3 school trust with around 1000 pupils, across 2 local authorities . Landing on this page may indicate you have an interest in knowing more about us.

If you are interested in finding out about us and how we translate our vision and values into practice,please make contact with us at: or 

We can meet and talk  and share our   passion for making primary education and our schools  a success story for all.

Websites are useful and, of course, seeing the statutory and other  documentation, matters. However,  it is the people and the relationships, that are the soul of our Trust.

Starting with the pupils and families, of course , who love their school and feel positive about the work of their local academy. Valuing, growing and developing our strong committed workforce, who share beliefs and aim to achieve the same things, lies at the heart of our positive culture and ethos.

We asked some members of the team to reflect on what belonging to the IRIS Learning Trust means to them :

The IRIS Learning Trust is a great place of learning and support for all our children and their families.  We value all our team and listen to what they tell us about our Trust .  I regard it as a privilege and honour to be Chair of Trustees.   Chair of the Board of Trustees

The Trust is a very professional organisation and I am proud to play my part in maintaining a safe and pleasant environment for children's learning. Trust Site Manager

We recognise the value of expertise and, through collaboration, try to capture the wealth of knowledge from across our large workforce. We use this to be more efficient which helps make workloads more manageable.   Teacher

Since joining the Iris Learning Trust, the support, guidance and advice that I have received has been excellent. This support, through training days and constructive feedback has enabled me to improve my teaching practice in essential areas, such as reading writing and maths. The guidance, whether through one to one sessions or professional dialogue and collaboration with staff members from the trust, has enhanced my personal professional development and I am constantly improving my leadership and management skills. Through being part of the Trust, it has provided me and my colleagues with clear structures and focus. Perhaps, most importantly, the Iris Learning Trust has enabled more of our children to fulfil their potential and has given them a better start in their education.  Teacher