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Governance and Financial Information


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Scheme of Delegation

 Scheme of Delegation 2022-2023.docxDownload
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Governance and Financial Information

 Academies accounts direction 2022-2023.pdfDownload
 Academies trust handbook 2022-2023.pdfDownload
 Board of Trustees in IRIS Learning Trust Code of Conduct.pdfDownload
 Governance handbook 2022-2023.pdfDownload
 Governance in IRIS Learning Trust Code of Conduct LAC.pdfDownload
 ILT register of business and pecuniary interests 2022-2023.pdfDownload
 LAC induction policy.pdfDownload
 Management of accounts in the IRIS Learning Trust.pdfDownload
 Numbers of Staff paid £100000.pdfDownload
 Risk management policy and procedures.docxDownload
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IRIS Learning Trust attendance information

 IRIS Learning Trust meeting attendance 2022-2023.docxDownload
 IRIS Learning Trust trustees attendance 2022-2023.docxDownload
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